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Welcome to The Leadership Academy

Peer Coaching Initiative (PCI)


The PCI is a free, non-credit professional development opportunity

Designed for NYCLA staff who want to:

Develop or hone

their coaching skills

Connect with colleagues in a mutually helpful and authentic way

Talk through their most gnarly and interesting challenges with an objective and sympathetic listener

The Peer Coaching Initiative allows you to:

Practice core leadership skills, like coaching and listening, and receive a “Coaching Skills Certificate of Practice”

Build a high-trust relationship with an effective Talking Partner

(aka “peer coach”)

Stay more centered and productive as you face the challenges of our

work environment

The PCI will help us (NYCLA) to:

Become more of a learning (or “deliberately developmental”) organization by prioritizing and cultivating our ability to support each other in developing both professionally and personally

Create a more equitable workplace by improving our ability to give feedback and enter dialogue on “difficult” topics like race or other dimensions of identity and power that affect our work

Here is how it works: 

Register and Complete a

short survey

Click here to let us know you are interested and

to help us match you with the right peer coach


join the kick-off

on December 16 (2:30-5:30) or December 17 (12:00-3:00).

On this 3 hour zoom call you will learn the principles of effective peer coaching and set goals for yourself, both as coach and coachee


coach and be coached

Meet your designated talking partner 2-4 times per month

for an hour--at a time of your choosing.

(1) Talk through your most pressing challenges

and opportunities (as defined and chosen by you),

(2) Help your talking partner do the same,

(3) Complete a 6-minute survey,

(4) Briefly reflect and give each other feedback.


share insights and get support

Every 4-6 weeks, join the whole group for a

90 minutes check-in during which you will

(1) reflect on your progress toward your goals

(2) learn how to handle particular coaching challenges that come up



Exercise your options

In Q3 you will be invited to continue with your

same talking partners or a different one, or acknowledge what you've learned and wind down your participation.

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