Welcome to the Harvard University

Peer Coaching Initiative


A non-credit professional development opportunity

made possible by a grant from the Culture Lab Innovation Fund

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Designed for Harvard Students who want to:

Develop their communication and leadership skills

Get to know their classmates

in an authentic way

Talk through challenges with an objective and sympathetic listener

The Peer Coaching Initiative allows you to:

Practice core listening and leadership skills, and receive a “Coaching Skills Certificate of Practice”

Build a high-trust relationship with an effective talking partner

(aka “peer coach”)

Stay more centered and productive during your time at Harvard

Participants in the 2021 Pilot said: 

  • It's an enjoyable way to become a better human being!

  • It allows you to meet more people on campus.

  • Being vulnerable, respectful, and present are essential life skills we need in this time.... Peer coaching is a great place to practice those skills.

  • It will make you a better partner, parent, friend, and colleague.

  • [The program] not only helps to build skills that are essential in all our relationships, but also creates an invaluable habit of weekly reflection.

  • Creating space for reflection is key to personal development. This commitment requires you to engage in that self-reflection. 

  • An amazing opportunity to get to know yourself and practice a structured framework which helps you support others. 

  • There is only upside here - the chance to learn, grow, and surprise yourself, along with hard skills that will serve you both personally and professionally. Go for it!

Here is how it works: 

Complete a
survey by FEB 2

...to apply to be in the program, to help us find you a great talking partner, and to help us evaluate program impact.

Just click "register" below!


Get oriented

Watch, read and respond (about 1 hour) so that you can 

1. Learn the principles of effective peer coaching

2. Set goals for yourself, both as a coach and coachee


watch a live demo and practice 

Join your cohort at the "playground" (a safe and confidential place to practice and learn) 

1. Meet each other

2. See a "convu" in action

3. Try it out for yourself



coach and be coached

Meet your talking partner once a week

for one hour -- at a time and place of your choosing

1. Talk through your most pressing challenges and opportunities

2. Help your talking partner do the same

3. Briefly reflect and give each other feedback


share insights and get support

Join two or more of the 90 minute group check-in sessions offered on a weekly basis. 

1. Reflect on what you and others are learning

2. Learn how to handle particular challenges that come up


Give us your feedback

Complete a survey (and possibly an interview) about your experience to help us design a truly helpful Harvard University Peer Coaching Initiative

Want more info?

Watch this 5-minute pitch to the Culture Lab Innovation Fund:

Hear the program founders describe its origins and what's in it for you (13 mins):

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