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Welcome to the MPH

Peer Coaching Initiative


The PCI is a free, non-credit professional development opportunity

offered by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Convu

Designed for MPH candidates who want to:

Prepare themselves for a

leadership role after graduating

Get to know their classmates

in an authentic way

Talk through their most gnarly and interesting challenges with an objective and sympathetic listener

The Peer Coaching Initiative allows you to:

Learn and practice core leadership skills, like coaching and listening, and receive a “Coaching Skills Certificate of Practice”

Build a high-trust relationship with an effective Talking Partner

(aka “peer coach”)

Stay more centered and productive during your time at Harvard Chan

Here is how it works: 

Complete a

short survey make sure this program is right for you, and to let us know if you want to be matched with a partner or BYOP (bring your own partner)


Get oriented

Watch, read and respond (about 2 hours total) so that you can 

1. Learn the principles of effective peer coaching

2. Set goals for yourself, both as a "host" and "guest" in the conversation


watch a live demo and practice 

Join your cohort at the "playground" (a safe and confidential place to practice and learn) on September 11 @ noon via Zoom (let us know if you have a conflict!)

1. Meet each other;  2. See a "convu" in action

3. Try it out for yourself



coach and be coached

Meet your designated talking partner once a week

for one hour -- at a time and place of your choosing

1. Talk through your most pressing challenges and opportunities

2. Help your talking partner do the same

3. Briefly reflect and give each other feedback


share insights and get support

in the 90 minute whole-group check-in sessions

held about every 6 weeks:

1. Reflect on what you and others are learning

2. Learn how to handle particular challenges that come up


Exercise your options

At several points during the program, you will have the opportunity to switch partners, and the option to continue working with the same partner if you prefer

Want more info? In this 13 min interview, you can hear the program founders describe its origins and what's in it for you:

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