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Convu Day of Learning

Listening to Transform. 
Peer Coaching's Role in Change-work
January 15, 2021

What if activists and community leaders in nonprofits could provide coaching to each other through a framework for deep-listening, carving out space for each other's calm reflection and honest reckoning?

What would that look like for our individual growth, and our organization's growth as a whole?


Convu is starting the new year off with the Day of Learning: a summit bringing together leading coaches, mentors, and change-makers to discuss and strategize the role of peer coaching and the development of listening as a resource for learning and development in nonprofits. 

Convu is a Peer Coaching platform. What is Peer Coaching?


It's the proven framework that believes that we all have the ability to provide listening to each other, and help each other generative insight to eventually take action around the challenges we are facing. 


Founded by a "Coaches Coach" Convu believes transformative coaching should not be reserved for high powered corporate CEO's (Convu's story). Activists and leaders tackling the hardest questions–and working to provide critical support to marginalized people and transform society–deserve access to the highest quality listening to grow in the face of challenges. 

Convu is on a mission to make the principles of professional coaching and good listening available through Peer Coaching Initiatives. In a Convu Peer Coaching Initiative, members of a cohort are paired up and have a series of ‘learning conversations:’ helping each other open up gaps, generate insight, and eventually take action around challenges they are facing to grow.


Convu is in its second year of running a Peer Coaching Initiative at the Harvard Chan School for Public Health and is about to launch a new initiative with a financial services company in London. 

Convu is partnering with a number of nonprofit organizations and training community leaders to run Peer Coaching Initiatives in 2021. The nominees will be announced at the Day of Learning. Throughout the day, we will be joined by activists and leaders who will share the ways that listening and dialogue have transformed their work. The Day of Learning is designed to be immersive and promote connection and conversation among participants, who will be welcomed into discussions about the ways that they can incorporate listening and coaching into their own work.


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