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What is Convu Connect?

Dear Prospective Participant,

Thank you for your interest in Convu Connect. Are both of the following true for you? 

  1. You love it when someone really understands what you are saying

  2. You wouldn't mind being a better listener, because you like helping friends, family or colleagues to cope with situations and come out stronger on the other side 

Moreover, are any of the following true for you--either at work, in your community, or at home?

  • You are (or will be) facing a difficult situation that potentially leaves you feeling conflicted or overwhelmed

  • You need and want to get better at something (for example, any of the following: asking for help, saying "no," making time for what's important, trusting yourself, getting into action... or something else!) and have not been making as much progress as you would like

  • You are NOT so interested in someone just telling you their opinion about what you should do...

If so, Convu Connect is likely a good match for you!

What is the deal with Convu Connect?

What you get with Convu Connect is the benefit of hearing yourself think. Specifically, you get to talk through your challenges and growth opportunities with someone you can count on to be practicing basic coaching skills. In addition, you learn how to practice those skills yourself! You can join the program together with a friend or colleague, or simply allow the matching process to find you someone you are comfortable talking to. 


What you give is about four-hours-a-month of your time-and-attention over a four month period, plus an optional financial contribution of your choosing (see below for details).


How it works:

  1. You learn the structure and roles of a convu--aka “learning conversation” (about 4 hours total): After watching the Convu orientation videos (about 2 hours) and participating in a "Practice call," you will understand how to: 

    • Really hear, and also help, you guest, when you are in the role of “host”

    • Engage  openly and  honestly, when you are in the role of “guest” 

  2. You engage in weekly conversations (or “convus”) with your partner via Zoom, Facetime or Skype (60-90  mins / week for 12 weeks):

    • Spend about half of each session in the role of “host” and half in the role of “guest”

    • You and your partner both complete a 5 minute “session reflection” at the end of each session, and provide guidance to each other on how to improve your coaching skills 

    • (Note: you meet with the same partner each week, but always retain the option to request a re-match!)

  3. You get support for improving your coaching skills (1-2 hours per month):

    • Share your insights and challenges in a private group on Slack, and view expert answers from a Convu Connect mentor.

    • Participate in the monthly skill-building call

Is the financial contribution really optional?


Yes! The purpose of Convu is to make good listening available on demand, wherever and whenever it is needed. One of the benefits of peer coaching is that it can be offered much more affordably and accessibly than professional coaching.  In an industry where prices range very widely, the low end for executive coaching (i.e. where you are most likely work with a recent graduate) is $200/hr, while the high end is in the thousands per hour. By contrast, the standard fee for the entire Convu Connect program is approximately $50/session ($600 total). The opportunity here is to access one of the key benefits of professional coaching--good listening--for a tiny fraction of the cost.


That said, these are not normal times; and since you were personally referred to this inaugural program, you are not an ordinary participant. You might feel a connection to the mission of Convu; you may be willing to provide detailed feedback and suggestions to help us achieve true excellence and accessibility; and/or you may be facing more acute challenges and constraints at the moment, given Covid-19 and/or racial injustice. This is why we are offering to welcome our first cohort on the basis of a voluntary (and optional) financial contribution. You are invited to contribute at any of the following levels, based on what makes sense for you. For the entire 4 month program:

  • Investing: $600

  • Honoring: $400

  • Acknowledging: $200

  • No worries: $0


There will be no questions asked, no proof required. All we ask is that you make a conscious choice. Any investment you make in Convu is gratefully acknowledged and will be used to make the program better and more accessible to a wide range of communities. 

In short, Convu Connect is a flexible, learn-by-doing program that gives you one of the key benefit of professional coaching--empowering listening--for a fraction of the price. In addition, Convu Connect helps you cultivate your own natural capacity to listen powerfully--at work, at home, and in your community.  

Register below for the inaugural Convu Connect Peer Coaching initiative! Alternatively, click here to allow us to keep you up to date!

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